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Make More Money By Concentrating on Your Fitness


In today’s world, we are all looking for ways to make more money. Not necessarily to become superstar mega-rich, but just a little more money to make life more comfortable. I think that is a fair assessment of our society in general.

So we start to scheme on different ways to make more money and more often than not overlook the principles that lead to more of the greenbacks.

What I have learned is that there is a DIRECT CORRELATION to your fitness and making more money.

Discipline Leads to More Money

At the end of the day, there really are only two choices to EVERY decision that you will ever make in life.

YES or NO.

And when it comes to your fitness, you will only see results when you say YES to the right things more than you say YES to wrong things.  Here is what I mean ….

Are you going to do your half hour of exercise today? (Yes or No)

Are you going to eat that chocolate bar? (Yes or No)

Are you going to drink that beer? (Yes or No)

Discipline really comes down to that.  And when you have mastered your ability to say YES or NO, then you have proven you have what it takes to make more money.

More Consistency Means More Money

Napoleon Hill, author of Think and Grow Rich, has a term that he uses to wrap up his entire philosophy on Success – COSMIC HABITFORCE.

He states that you can see occurring everyday in nature.

Every day the sun will rise from the East and set on the West.  Every day the tide will come in and it will go out.  Every day mother nature is going to work.

In fitness, consistency means RESULTS!

The person who learns that 30 minutes of exercise 5 days per week will out-duel a 3 hour marathon workout each and every time will be sure to reach their fitness goal.

And the same applies to business.

Making follow up calls once per week will not do the job.  You have to be CONSISTENT with your efforts.  That’s how you make more money.

Making More Money Requires You to Get Outside of Your Comfort Zone

If its been awhile since you have been outside of your comfort zone, then you are missing out on a lot of fun…and SUCCESS!

Everyone knows that Success’s favorite place to hide is right outside of the comfort zone.

YOU KNOW the feeling.

When you are on your last set of shoulder presses…..when it REALLY starts burning.

Do you muster out ONE MORE?? <Yes or No>

At first glance, it looks like just one rep ….What can one rep MORE really do?  Right?  

Actually it does ALOT.  Because you have officially ventured outside of your comfort zone. Look around, take a deep inhale…remember what this feels like.  Make it an impression in your mind. Become friends with this new ally.

When you learn how to go outside of your comfort zone with your fitness, you are EMPOWERED to take the same challenge on with your business life.

It makes it easier to get past that next objection.  It makes it easier to stand your ground on the next tough negotiation. It makes it easier to close out deals. Why……..??

Because your confidence has INCREASED as well.

Napoleon Hill describes the effect of this in his chapter on GOING THE EXTRA MILE.  He refers to it as the Law of Increased Returns.  When your efforts pay out 7 times what your investment was.

Going to the gym to lose a few pounds?

Well what happens when your hard work pays off?  Do you just lose weight?  Is that as good as it gets?

NO WAY!!!!

You get your swag back…. Your Mojo returns…You feel on top of the world!

Package that in a bottle and see what happens when you drink it before your next public speech 😉


So those are 3 ways concentrating on your fitness will make you more money.  Imagine if you put them to work in your life. How would things change?

If you feel inclined to do so Let me know below!  Or just leave me your comments on this article.  I would love to have your feedback 🙂

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