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Six Steps to Achieve Any Goal

OH GOD….not again!!  My goal was so close yet so far…. Those were the words going through my mind as my body started to cramp up during the final leg of our most recent triathlon. The weeks leading up to this event were quite nerve racking. A summer of constant packing and unpacking and drives […]

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What you can learn from a Jump Rope

  Double Unders? What are those? I didn’t know there was different ways to jump rope. Yea… if you would have asked me about 2 months ago I would have been clueless. Double-unders are when you jump rope and the rope passes underneath you twice before you land. There is a high degree of technicality […]

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How to Know Who to Listen to for Advice

It’s funny how food is such a sensitive subject and how everyone always has their own advice to contribute. Just recently, my wife and I, experimented with a 24 hour fast from food and it was unbelievable the amount of concern we received from our family and friends. Some of the craziest things I hear […]

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