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Bucket list item complete – My workout with the Navy Seals

Workout with the Navy Seals

Everybody knows about the Navy Seals.  They are some of the toughest men on the planet. And as a boy I always wondered what a workout with the Navy Seals would be like.  Today I finally got to cross that off my bucket list.

There is a little bit of a back story to all of this so let me try and share a bit of it.

A little over a year ago, my wife and I decided to sell everything we owned and move out to California. <Because that’s what everyone does…..right???>

Anyhow, one of the first things I did was join a local Toastmasters Club.  I have ALWAYS met very interesting people in the Toastmasters Clubs that I have been a part of.  And that was a BIG part of moving out to San Diego…to meet cool people.

First was that Toastmasters Club in San Antonio. That one was really cool because there were TONS of entrepreneurs in the club including a guy who was promoting the POSITIVE PIN.  You should check out his site.

Then there was that club in Austin, where we met a guy who built a rammed earth house.  It took him 3 YEARS!!  He was gracious enough to invite us over and give us a personal tour.  You can read an article about the house and the construction of it here. That was an awesome house!

And in my current club, I met a guy that puts on a kilt about once per week.  This is a picture of him.

Bob Shultz

Pretty intense for a violin playing, kilt wearer huh?

Well, he is actually a former Navy Seal…

His name is Bob Schoultz.  He is going to be President of our Toastmasters club for 2016 and he is a bad ass.  He has a really cool blog you should check out >>> BOB’S CORNER.

And he extended a special invite to join him for a workout this morning at the Navy Seal gym >>>>Check out a sneak peak inside.

Navy Seals Training Gym

As a fitness guy, this was a real treat.  For one, to walk in the same footsteps as Legends but also to see all the cool fitness toys they have.  And let’s just say…they don’t spare any expenses when it comes to fitness.

They had 2 indoor workout facilities and a special building JUST for rehab and recovery.

Rehab and recovery is something I feel MOST people omit from their fitness routine.  < You can only train as fast as you recover.  Remember that! >

But those were just the indoor facilities.

They also had tons of stuff outdoors …like this>>>

Robe Climb Coronado

How freaking cool is that?!

Overall today was a unique experience for me.  I highly respect the military and the Navy Seals in particular. The BEST OF THE BEST comes to mind when I think Navy Seals.

And a workout with the Navy Seals today just made me appreciate my career as a Coach even more.

What started off as my own fitness journey has led me down a path of personal development.  And that path has allowed me to experience some really cool stuff like this morning’s workout with the Navy Seals today. <Well …I actually didn’t do their routines… but they were working out next to me 😉 >

I can’t wait to see what other doors Coaching open up!


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