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Six Steps to Achieve Any Goal

OH GOD….not again!!  My goal was so close yet so far….

Those were the words going through my mind as my body started to cramp up during the final leg of our most recent triathlon.

The weeks leading up to this event were quite nerve racking. A summer of constant packing and unpacking and drives back and forth to Houston were not only draining, but they put quite a kink in my training rhythm.

This wasn’t your typical Sprint triathlon.  NO…. this race was in OPEN WATER and was almost double the swim distance than typical sprints.  So what do you think had me nervous?

If you guessed the swim, then pat yourself on the back…

I trained pretty hard to work up to that 1.2 mile swim for our Ironman 10 months ago, but guess what?  If you don’t use it..YOU LOSE IT!

As race day approached, I felt my swim getting better and better, BUT since my concentration was on completing the swim leg, I really didn’t prepare myself in other areas as well.

Now if you think that the only other parts of the triathlon, other than the swim, are the bike and run…then you can quit patting yourself on the back…lol.

Actually, the MOST IMPORTANT part of the entire race is YOUR NUTRITION and HYDRATION.

And that’s the part I forgot all about. So when my body started to cramp up during the LAST 3 miles, all I could do was take a deep breath and start praying.  By that time, it was already too late and I knew it.

I should have drunk more water while on the bike.  I mean, I had 17 miles and almost a complete hour to sneak sips in here and there.

When we finally hit the run, it was almost 10 am and it got considerably warmer.  I had been pushing my body to the limit for over 75 minutes… and when it was finally time to slam on the accelerator, my radiator was empty.

And thus my vehicle went clunk, clunk, clunk and shut down.

After the race, Stef and I talked about our performance.  I told her what happened and she asked how I felt about everything.

I told her I was happy with my performance.  My swim felt great. I had the fastest bike pace of all my races.  And I had identified the weak part of my performance.  I knew what to concentrate on moving forward…and that gives me peace.

There is something I would like to share with you all reading this called REVERSE ENGINEERING.  It works like this.

1. You identify the GOAL  you are after.

2. You devise a plan to ACHIEVE that GOAL.

3. You IMPLEMENT the plan.

4. You MONITOR the results.

5. You IDENTIFY errors and revise plan

6. You IMPLEMENT new plan and repeat until you achieve the desired goal.

The reason I found peace is because I am currently on step 5…which is only 1 step away from my DESIRED goal.

I hope you can use this formula to find the peace that you are in pursuit of as well.

– Ray


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