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The Importance of Momentum


People think the hardest part of GETTING FIT is the nutrition aspect of it…but that’s not the case.

Actually, the HARDEST part is building up MOMENTUM.

There comes a point where MOMENTUM takes over.  But you have to build up to it first.

It’s kind of like pushing a giant ball over a hill.

ALL you really have to do it get the ball to the top of the hill…then gravity will take over and your job is done.

From my experience, it takes 21 days to build up momentum.

A lot of people will tell you that you can build a habit in 21 days as well.  Unfortunately, it takes 60 days to BREAK A BAD HABIT.

More often than not, we become out of shape because of the bad habits we have NOT because of the good habits we have yet to build.

So in 21 days, your REAL GOAL is to build momentum – not start a new habit.


An easy way to FOCUS on MOMENTUM is to print out a calendar and to mark off every day that you can give yourself a passing score.  A passing score isn’t perfect.  A passing score represents PROGRESS.  You want to ask yourself ” DID I GET BETTER?”

Once you string 21 Days worth of solid effort together, I promise BIG MO will be on your side.

FOCUS on 21 days and you will eventually find SUCCESS.



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