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The Law of Momentum and How it’s Better than Motivation

Stop. Go. Stop. Go. Stop again.

Got to get going again….. but where is the motivation? Have you ever asked yourself this question?
So you search and search trying to find motivation. But alas it is nowhere to be found. So you just stay there…. no movement…. no progression.

I’m reminded of the childhood hide and seek game. Close your eyes and count to fifty and your MOMENTUM will go and hide and it’s your job to go find it. It’s all fun and games until you CAN’T find it and then you start getting scared and tears start to fall from your cheeks out of frustration and fear. Where is your motivation?

Well, I have news for you, you are going to be searching forever for something that will elude you as much as you try and find it….. SO QUIT! Quit looking for motivation…. instead START looking for MOMENTUM. He is so much easier to find and the longer that you play with him, the more he becomes your friend.

You see….. you can’t start and stop over and over again and ever expect to get anywhere. You have to build and build and build until momentum takes over.

I often see this with people starting a new fitness regimen. See if this sounds familiar.

“I am going to wait until the beginning of the year to start. A NEW YEAR and a NEW ME! But I am not going start until then …. that’s going to be my motivation to stick with it.”

Well that lasts for about 2 weeks before you fizzle out. Then what? Well, you have to wait until you find MOTIVATION again. But you can’t find him. Not in the closet…. not under the bed. Not anywhere. This game sucks!!!

So STOP playing it…. Stop looking for the elusive MOTIVATION and start building MOMENTUM….. Everyday CONCENTRATE on BUILDING momentum and EXPECT for it to take over.
I PROMISE you this game is a lot more fun 🙂

If you need help building MOMENTUM, then partner up with me. I will stand by your side until you find it…. Then show you how to use it to get into the BEST SHAPE of YOUR LIFE!


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