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Top 3 Benefits of a High-Fat Diet

By March 18, 2018Healthy Living Tips

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Top 3 Benefits of a High-Fat Diet

I’m not a nutritionist.

Everything I share is based on research and personal experience.

What usually ends up happening is, I experience something firsthand then research it some more in order to help bring it into context for you.

I followed a high-fat [vegan] diet while training for my 2017 Full Ironman. The benefits are incredible! I recommend cycling through a high-fat diet for a timeframe of 2-3 months in order to truly reap the rewards.

Top 3 Benefits of a High-Fat Diet

Top 3 benefits of a high fat diet

1. Better Brain Function + Mood

My mind was always sharp despite my 2 AM wake up calls. I’d wake up, train for 3 hours, go to work, teach 25 6-7-year-olds for 8 hours (1st-grade teacher), come home, work on my business for 1-2 hours, sleep and do it all over again. Through it all my mind was sharp and my mood was incredibly positive…all smiles!

2. Increased libido

I used this as a metric for “doing too much.” I told myself if I don’t have enough [bed] energy for my husband at night, I need to let off the gas peddle a bit. This was NEVER a problem. There was a clear spike in my libido during my most rigid schedules of schedules.

3. No PMS!

This is HIGHLY attributed to eating clean in general, however, my mood was especially stable throughout my entire cycle; before, during & after. No aggressive hot-headed moments nor emotional why am I even crying about moments. If I weren’t for my app reminding me of the start of my cycle, there were times I wouldn’t have even noticed. I know, HEAVEN!

NOTE: When I say High-Fat, I DON’T mean, girl, go eat you some flautas, fried food, and greasy burgers.

Healthy Fats List

fit latinasunrefined coconut oil
avocado oil
raw nuts
chia seeds
hemp seeds
nut butters


The benefits of a High-Fat diet are many. With a simple keyword search, you will stumble upon many added benefits. This is not an eat forever and ever amen diet. I do, however, recommend cycling through it every now and again.