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One Way to Overcome a Mental Block

I was talking to my little brother the other day and he was SUPER EXCITED because he was able to break through a Mental Block that had haunted him for years.

For the first time in 10 years he was able to score higher than a 90 on his fitness test for the Airforce.  He ran his mile and a half in record pace and didn’t stop at all.  This was a MAJOR ACCOMPLISHMENT for him.  He told me that this was the only time he NEVER stopped in the run portion of the test.

So I was curios to know what he was more excited about.  Was it the fact that he scored his highest or that he ran non stop?

His answer surprised me.

My brother told me that his greatest feeling of accomplishment came in the fact that he set a goal and not only met it…HE EXCEEDED IT!

That moment made me the proudest brother in the world 🙂


He then said “For the longest time I had this thought that I had to stop and on every test I did.  It wasn’t like I was even tired…I just had this mental block that shut me down.  So I started training for longer runs.  I started running 6 to 7 miles at a time.  And I still stopped…but I was stopping after 3 or 4 miles.  So when I did the 1.5 mile test, I knew that I could last longer because I was doing it on the longer runs…and just like that the mental block was lifted!”


What a story and what a lesson for me to learn from.

My Story

So this morning as I was at the tail end of my leg workout, I decided to GO FOR IT!

185 lbs was staring me in the face.

Was I going to bench press it? NO

Was I going to squat it? NO

I was going to POWER CLEAN IT!

You see, when I was in high school, I was pretty strong.  But there was one life that I could not do well.  And that was the POWER CLEAN. I could never lift more than 155 lbs.


It was my own mental block!

So this morning I took one deep breathe and said a quick prayer in my head.  I squatted down , wrapped my fingers around the bar and loaded my hamstrings.


With that I let out a loud grunt and ALMOST completed a rep.  I ALMOST had it!  All I had to do was drop under the bar but I hesitated.


So I loaded up again and BOOM!  I got that son of a gun!  I did it!

Something that has bothered me my ENTIRE LIFE!  I conquered it!

The mental block is GONE!

Your Story

So what happens when you remove a mental block?  How does that improve your performance?  How does that empower your spirit?

Maybe you have a story to share …

Was there ever a time you “thought” you couldn’t do something and then proved yourself wrong?  How did it feel?  Did you feel like a new person?

Maybe there is something that is bothering you right now and is acting as your own MENTAL BLOCK?  Make the decision TODAY to defeat it!

Because with HARD WORK….there are NO LIMITS!


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