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What you can learn from a Jump Rope


Double Unders? What are those? I didn’t know there was different ways to jump rope.

Yea… if you would have asked me about 2 months ago I would have been clueless.

Double-unders are when you jump rope and the rope passes underneath you twice before you land. There is a high degree of technicality behind them and if you are able to do five in a row, you are in an advanced category…lol.

Anyhow, the topic of this post is about persistence.

This morning, our workout consisted of stringing as many double-unders together as possible…in increments of five.

So once you could do five…your next goal was ten. After ten…do fifteen…and so on.

The only rule was that after you failed to complete a set five times, you would have to go run 200 yards. While most people would see it as punishment, it was the exact opposite. It was an opportunity to relax and reset so you could try it again.

Believe me…it gets frustrating when you fail. Not because you are a failure, but because the jump rope would slap against your butt or even worse …your back.

How many times have you been in the same position? Where you try try try …only to feel the slaps against your back. Where it feels like there is no point in continuing because it is too frustrating?

Well here is the good news. After many failed attempts at 10 reps, I felt like slamming the jump-rope down but instead opted to gracefully lay it down on the ground and take off on my run. While I was running, I never once thought about failing…the only thing that ran in my head was to get back into it and keep jumping. I knew sooner or later I would get it … as long as I kept jumping. And guess what…? I got 20 of those sons of b*tches…lol.

My point is this… you cant stop jumping! If you need to take a break and regroup..DO IT! Clear your mind…relax your body…control your breath. BUT GET BACK INTO IT!!

I promise if you just stay CONSISTENT & PERSISTENT, you can achieve any goal you have set. It may start with weight loss or quantity of double-unders, but this mindset will allow you to do so much more in all areas of your life.


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